The A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) believes President Irfaan Ali paid more concern to his government’s image than justice, when he addressed the nation on the resignation of a minister at the center of a recent rape allegation.

See full statement below:

It has been reported that President Irfaan Ali last night accepted the resignation of Local Government Minister Nigel Dharamlall from the government and the Parliament. We find Ali’s statement to be shameless, pathetic, callous, and unacceptable. Irfaan Ali expressed no remorse or sympathy towards the unfortunate victim of his now ex-Minister alleged sexual exploitation and abuse. He expressed no empathy for the feelings of the masses of Guyanese who experienced, and continue to experience, shock and moral outrage over the injustice.  He expressed no concern that the criminal justice and child protection systems in the country malfunctioned.  Irfaan Ali expressed concern for none of that!

Instead, his sole concern was the image of his government.  President Ali’s statement exposes the moral bankruptcy and self-obsession of the PPP regime. The PPP is not interested in justice, accountability, and the rule of law. The PPP is instead bent on putting its self-interest above the human and constitutional rights and welfare of our children, women, and citizenry as a whole.

We call on citizens not to let their memories and sense of moral outrage fade over these acts of atrocities by the PPP. The more the PPP regime believes it can act in any fashion with immunity, the more it will be disrespectful and dismissive of us as citizens of Guyana. And the more our lives and livelihoods will be endangered.


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