In a letter addressed to the newly sworn-in Municipal and Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) Councillors, Ganesh Mahipaul, Shadow Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, emphasized the critical importance of upholding the rule of law and effectively representing constituents.

Mahipaul commended the councillors on their achievement and their commitment to public service and their communities. He acknowledged the significant role they would play in shaping and improving the lives of the citizens they represent.

Highlighting the need for adherence to the law, Mahipaul stressed the importance of transparency, accountability, and good governance as fundamental principles that should guide the councillors’ actions. By operating within the confines of the law, Mahipaul said that councillors can ensure the protection and promotion of their constituents’ interests and well-being.

He encouraged the councillors to engage in collaboration, consultation, and open dialogue with their constituents. By listening to their concerns and addressing their needs, the councillors could effectively fulfil their role as representatives and advocates for their communities interests and development.

The Shadow Minister urged the councillors to remain mindful of the immense responsibility and trust placed upon them. He said that only through their dedication and hard work can they transform lives and create lasting positive change within Local Authority Areas.

The swearing-in of these councillors marks the conclusion of the Local Government Elections (LGEs) held on June 12.


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