Noble Drilling, a renowned offshore drilling contractor based in London, United Kingdom, is set to host a Drilling Contractors Business Forum on July 12. This eagerly anticipated event aims to forge connections and acquaint local suppliers with the dynamic oil and gas sector.

In a circulated notice to suppliers, Noble Drilling expressed its enthusiasm for this unique opportunity. Attendees will have the privilege of learning firsthand from the company’s seasoned procurement professionals, gaining invaluable insights into the intricacies of the procurement process. Moreover, participants will have the chance to expand their professional networks and pose pertinent questions during engaging networking sessions.

The forum will encompass a range of stimulating discussions, including a dedicated exploration of the 2023 tenders. Additionally, the event will shed light on the 2023 Tenders for Stena Drilling, as Noble Drilling joins forces with this esteemed partner to co-host the gathering.

Noble Drilling’s parent company, Noble Corporation, boasts an illustrious track record in the drilling industry. Renowned for their modern and technologically advanced fleet, they have been operating in Guyana for several years, actively supporting Exxon’s drilling campaigns.

Notably, in February 2020, a groundbreaking commercial enabling agreement was announced between Noble Corporation and ExxonMobil, solidifying their collaboration in the Guyana-Suriname Basin. This momentous agreement encompassed the inclusion of the cutting-edge ultra-deepwater drillships—Noble Bob Douglas, Noble Tom Madden, and Noble Don Taylor—within its framework. Later, in August 2020, Noble Drilling secured a six-month contract for the esteemed Noble Sam Croft drillship with Exxon.

Adding to their recent achievements, Noble Drilling has now garnered a substantial additional backlog commitment from Exxon under the Commercial Enabling Agreement (CEA). This extension has led to an expanded contract duration for four drillships—Noble Tom Madden, Noble Sam Croft, Noble Don Taylor, and Noble Bob Douglas. These exceptional vessels will be operating under the CEA from the fourth quarter of 2025 to the second quarter of 2027, solidifying Noble Drilling’s prominent role in the industry.

In the First Schedule, the 2021 Local Content Act gives a clear outline of 40 sectors that prioritize the involvement of Guyanese businesses, while ensuring a robust contribution to the economy. With a seemingly prosperous future for its Guyana operations, the business forum is part of the company’s efforts to ensure it contributes toward local content.


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