Cops in Regional Division One are investigating an incident that occurred today, which resulted in the death of a man at 42 Miles Backdam, North West District (NWD). So far, the identity of the man is unknown. He has only been identified as a male of Amerindian descent.

Enquiries revealed that the man was employed with a dredging operation owned by Diane David, a 34-year-old businesswoman residing at Falls Top, NWD, and who was establishing a mining operation at 42 Miles Backdam.

According to Dwayne Fredericks, an employee, about 08:30 hrs this morning, he and his co-worker (now-deceased), were clearing an area to set up a camp when a limb broke off from a tree and fell and hit the man in his chest.

Fredericks said he immediately sought assistance from his boss, Diane David, who placed the man in a car and escorted him to Port Kaituma District Hospital, where Doctor Alexander pronounced him dead on arrival.

The police were informed, and detectives examined the deceased’s body and observed abrasions to the chest area.

The body was photographed and placed in the Port Kaituma District Hospital’s Mortuary for identification and a post-mortem exam at a later date. Investigations continue.


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