Police authorities are currently conducting an investigation into a river mishap that occurred in the early hours of Monday morning, involving two boats carrying individuals who were returning from a wedding house in Batavia Village, located in Region #7.

The incident took place at approximately 02:00 hrs when the two boats collided in the dark waters of the Mazaruni River. Each boat was occupied by four individuals. The occupants of Boat #1, a canoe, were identified as Victorine Miguel, Clifton Adams, Tyndall Miguel, and Aaron Miguel, all hailing from Batavia Village.

On the other hand, Boat #2, equipped with a 75 HP Yamaha outboard engine, had Junior Gaddett, also known as ‘Bird,’ serving as the unlicensed captain. Three passengers, namely Edeena Smith, Ishmael Smith, and Temera Smith, all residents of Batavia Village, were also on board Boat #2.

According to inquiries, all the individuals mentioned had been invited to a wedding celebration hosted at the residence of Devon Boyal in Batavia Village on Sunday, July 16. At approximately 01:50 hrs on Monday morning, the occupants of Boat #1 boarded the canoe and departed from the Landing near the wedding house. Clifton Adams and Victorine Miguel were responsible for paddling. At around 02:00 hrs, the occupants of Boat #2 boarded their vessel, captained by Junior Gaddett.

Due to the lack of adequate lighting in the area, Aaron Miguel, an occupant of Boat #1, resorted to using the light from a cellphone screen in an attempt to signal Boat #2’s captain. Regrettably, Junior Gaddett failed to notice the signal, resulting in the collision between the canoe and the second boat. The impact caused the occupants of Boat #1 to be thrown overboard. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Junior Gaddett promptly provided assistance by rescuing all the individuals from Boat #1 and safely transporting them to land.

Upon inspection, it was discovered that two individuals had sustained injuries. Victorine Miguel and Clifton Adams required medical attention and were subsequently admitted to the Bartica Regional Hospital. A doctor on duty examined both patients, revealing that Clifton Adams had suffered a dislocated elbow, while Victorine Miguel had sustained injuries to the forehead.


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