Khan’s Enterprise of Lot 17 Waterloo, Leguan, Essequibo Islands has applied to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for approval to establish a US$2M quarry project. According to project documents submitted to the regulator and published on its website, the company said its pursuit of such a development is a direct recognition of the current limitations of supply of aggregates and the anticipated increase in demand from the oil and gas sector and the expanding construction industry.

The company said in the document seen by this agency that it is desirous of developing the project site in to a modern, large scale quarry on the right bank of the Essequibo river. Guyana Standard understands that the active St. Mary’s quarry, operated by Toolsie Persaud Quarries Inc., is located just 3 km downstream of the project site.

It was further noted that the proposed project site encompasses 520 acres of land which is subject to quarry licence – . LM40: K-1000/000/21

The project summary states that the initial focus for the development of the new quarry will be on the topographic highs in the western sector of the project area, where initial surveys have indicated the presence of rock at and close to the surface. The main operational center will be closer to the eastern sector of the license. Rocks harvested from the western sector will be transported there for processing into aggregate, or will be utilized as boulders in ongoing sea defense projects.

Quarry products will also be shipped down the Essequibo river by barges for delivery to the market in and around Georgetown.

The initial output is expected to be at least 1000 tons per week of aggregate.


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