Sheriff Greenfield Farm Inc. which is part of the Sheriff Group of Companies, is embarking on an approximately US$10M project to meet the growing demand for meat locally and internationally.

In a project summary submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it was noted that a state-of-the-art meat processing facility will be constructed to occupy several lots within the commercial zone at Section 2, Plantation Great Diamond, East Bank Demerara.

The facility is expected to adhere to the United States Development of Agriculture (USDA) guidelines, ensuring high-quality standards and efficient operations.

The project entails importing beef and lamb carcasses, which will be further processed into individual steak cuts. To power the facility, Sheriff Greenfield Farm Inc. will utilize the Guyana Power & Light (GPL) as the primary energy source, with backup generators available for contingencies. In terms of water supply, the facility will be connected to Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI), and a gravity reserve tank will be installed as a supplemental backup. These measures, the company said, guarantees a reliable and consistent supply of resources.

It also noted that environmental sustainability is a top priority for Sheriff Greenfield Farm Inc, as the project will incorporate comprehensive waste management strategies. An underground holding tank will facilitate daily cleaning, while a purification system ensures proper treatment of wastewater. Additionally, a seal container will be present on the premises to collect any processing waste. Sheriff Greenfield Farm Inc. has partnered with a waste management company to handle waste removal on a daily basis, ensuring responsible disposal practices.

Moreover, it was noted that the meat processing facility will feature cutting-edge technologies and intelligent software to optimize yields, maximize product utilization, enhance traceability, and ensure food safety. The implementation of innovative, high-speed precision and portion-cutting solutions will also enable the production of a diverse range of meat products, including fixed-sized strips, dices, splits, and high-value portions of fixed weight and length.

Furthermore, the facility will integrate meat preparation processes and equipment to create minced meat portions for retail. By streamlining production methods and automating processes, Sheriff Greenfield Farm Inc. is aiming to keep pace with the growing demand for case-ready food service. The company recognizes the importance of adding value at every stage of the meat processing and packaging chain.

In addition, employment opportunities will be a significant outcome of this project. With an estimated daily workforce of 75 to 100 individuals, the construction and operation of the meat processing facility will contribute to job creation and economic growth in the region, according to the company. The project is expected to span approximately eight to 10 months, with the construction phase lasting around six to eight months and an additional two to three months for the installation of an ice box and equipment.

Sheriff Group of Companies, which is owned by Shareef Ahmad, consists of various businesses including medical centers and a security service, both of which are highly utilized locally.


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