Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal on Friday inspected the infrastructure works currently underway at the Experiment and Blairmont (Balthyock) Housing Schemes, as part of his outreach to Region Five.

Over $600 million in works are ongoing at Balthyock, while $1.5 billion was invested into the Experiment housing development. The works include construction of access roads, culverts, and drainage networks.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal at Experiment

Minister Croal stated that the first phase of the infrastructure works is completed at Experiment, giving allottees access to their land. Some 600 house lots were allocated in that area.

“We, by and large, completed our initial infrastructure, so all the persons for Experiment have access to the site. So they have been shown their land,” he told the Department of Public Information (DPI).

He stated that by September, all allottees will sign their Agreements of Sale, which will enable them to begin the construction of their homes.

Minister Croal clarified that the ministry is currently in the final stages of the process of legalising the area for ownership. As part of this process, there is an advertisement of the requirements that must be met for registration and planning.

During his visit, Minister Croal also met with individuals squatting at Bath Village. Ten households were occupying a reserve earmarked for a new water treatment plant, and as a result, they are being relocated to the Experiment Housing Scheme.

So far, three households have already made the move, and Minister Croal assured that the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) will provide the necessary resources in the coming week to relocate the remaining seven families.

Additionally, essential water services will be made available to the scheme this week, enhancing their living conditions.

Meanwhile, at the Balthyock Housing Scheme, works are being executed by three contractors. While flooding initially caused some delays, the contractors are now pushing to complete the works by the end of October.

“One contract is ahead of the other two…I have spoken to them as to how they can double up, especially going into the nights. There is no hindrance there… nobody nearby to disturb, so its to their advantage to work late,” he stated.

Accompanying Minister Croal were Member of Parliament, Faizal Jaffarally, Regional Chairman, Vickchand Ramphal, CHPA’s Director of Community Development, Gladwin Charles, and a team of engineers. (Department of Public Department)


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