The Ministry of Natural Resource is seeking qualified consulting firms to provide independent administrator services for the preparation of Guyana’s 5th Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) Report for the fiscal year 2021.

This contract falls under the Guyana Petroleum Resources Governance and Management Project (GPRGMP) which is aimed at advancing the nation’s sustainable energy initiatives and fostering transparency in the extractive industries. The GPRGMP is being funded by the World Bank to the tune of US$20M.

In a Request for Expressions of Interest (REOI) seen by this publication, the Ministry noted that The project aims to strengthen accountability, governance, and sustainability within the extractive sectors, encompassing oil, gas, mining, forestry, and fisheries.

The REOI outlines that the independent administrator will play a crucial role in executing the objectives and ensuring that the EITI Standard 2019 is met. They will conduct a comprehensive gap analysis, reviewing the extractive sector’s management and legislations while providing recommendations for closing gaps. Additionally, the administrator will be required to deliver a detailed PowerPoint presentation outlining the methodology and phases for completing the 2021 Report, including communication procedures with stakeholders.

Consulting firms interested in providing the independent administrator services must also meet specific requirements, including expertise in the oil, gas, mining, forestry, and fisheries sectors in Guyana. Previous experience in EITI reporting is advantageous but not mandatory. The administrator should also demonstrate proficiency in accounting, auditing, and financial analysis, adhering to international professional standards for reconciliation and agreed-upon-procedures, according to the Ministry.

The duration of the assignment is six months, beginning in September 2023, with the requirement for the consultant to be physically present in Guyana during this period.

Consulting firms are being encouraged to associate to enhance their qualifications, with joint ventures or sub-consultancies welcomed.

The ministry was keen to note that he consultant will be selected through the “Consultant’s Qualifications based Selection (CQS)” method as outlined in the procurement regulations.

This call for expressions of interest marks a significant step towards strengthening transparency and accountability in Guyana’s extractive industries, while advancing the country’s efforts towards a more sustainable energy future. Interested consulting firms are being encouraged to respond promptly to this opportunity which will allow them to contribute to the continued growth and responsible management of Guyana’s valuable natural resources.


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