Vice President, Dr, Bharrat Jagdeo today disclosed that while the Government of Guyana is yet to receive an official report from the United States (US) authorities regarding a criminal investigation into Nazar “Shell” Mohamed and his son Azzrudin Mohamed, if confirmed, “everything else will follow.”

Addressing the media during his weekly press conference, Dr. Jagdeo clarified, “We have not been officially notified by the US government that the Mohameds are involved in anything. I told you when we have a Reuters story. We can’t operate on the basis of a story, but if we receive that notification, then everything else follows.”

A recent report by Reuters had exposed allegations of money laundering, drug trafficking, and gold smuggling linked to the Mohameds, citing information from five individuals with knowledge of the matter and two intelligence reports. The report also mentioned that US oil-giant ExxonMobil had been advised to refrain from engaging in business dealings with the duo. However, ExxonMobil chose to ignore the advice and proceeded with a $300 million business venture for a shorebase facility, in collaboration with a Guyanese consortium that led by the two businessmen.

Denying any notion of preferential treatment or immunity for the Mohameds, Dr. Jagdeo firmly stated, “We’re not soliciting funds from anyone. If anybody, let me make it clear (so) if anyone donates to the PPP with the hope that they can do, (and I’m not saying this about the Mohameds) I’m speaking about anyone with a hope that they can do something illegal and then bypass the system or get a free pass. They’re sadly mistaken”.

He added that even if the Mohameds have made donations in the past, such contributions are no different from those received from numerous other individuals or entities, and they do not grant any special privileges from the PPP government.

It is essential to note that the Mohameds have vehemently denied the allegations made in the Reuters report and have challenged the news agency to provide concrete evidence to support their claims.

In response to the unfolding situation, ExxonMobil emphasized its commitment to abide by all applicable laws in the regions where they operate and conduct their business.

As the Guyanese government awaits official communication from the US authorities, Dr. Jagdeo asserted that his administration remains resolute in upholding the principles of justice, fairness, and transparency. He emphasised that only upon receiving the official report will the appropriate actions be taken to address the situation concerning the Mohameds and any potential legal implications they may face. Until then, the government said it will refrain from making judgments based solely on media reports and speculation.


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