By Sueann Wickham

Joshua Edward, the enterprising 25-year-old entrepreneur who has captured the nation’s attention for funding his university education by selling pizza, has been blessed with a sizeable donation from the Guyanese Wives Association. The generous contribution of $1 million significantly offsets his law school fees as he embarks on his journey to become a lawyer.

Having recently completed his Masters of Arts in Law, Edward is currently pursuing his studies at the prestigious University of Business and Law in the United Kingdom, with his bar examinations scheduled for September.

Overwhelmed with gratitude for this financial support, Edward expressed how the donation not only bolsters his ability to complete his studies but also complements his current entrepreneurial ventures that he has been using to fund his studies. He humbly acknowledged that the money donated by the association was raised through charity efforts, making the gesture all the more meaningful.

In a heartfelt interview with the Guyana Standard, the entrepreneur and student shared, “I never knew that walking around asking everyone to purchase pizza would have me meet such precious people who would rejoice at my success. But these experiences shaped who I desired to be, a role model, a motivator, and a change agent in this generation.”

Despite still having $6 million remaining on his tuition, Edward also noted that, “A seed is a seed and it will always become a fruit so that is a big step”.

In addition to his legal pursuits, and his pizza selling business called Wendy’s Pizza Parlour, this dynamic young individual recently launched another venture, the Purpose Employment Agency. This agency he said, stands as a testament to his dedication to the Guyanese community, with a mission to provide meaningful employment opportunities and combat unemployment rates in the country.

As Joshua Edward continues to blaze a trail of success and inspiration, he without question exemplifies the resilience, determination, and passion that can lead to a brighter future for himself and his fellow Guyanese citizens. With each milestone he achieves, it is remarkable to see him reinforce the idea that a strong sense of purpose and unwavering dedication can turn dreams into reality.


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