Senior Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh on Thursday tabled a Supplementary Appropriation Bill during the 66th Sitting of the 12th Parliament. The Bill seeks $61B in additional funding for various nationwide development initiatives, including construction, rehabilitation of infrastructure, health buildings, school-feeding programmes, and much more.

For the Ministry of Public Works, the Bill requests $34.2 Billion for numerous programmes, encompassing the construction of the Wismar Bridge, the improvement of various community roads and sea defences, the establishment and renovation of a wharf and stellings, and maintenance of the Berbice and Demerara Harbour bridges.

Over $3 billion is being sought for the education sector to expand the school feeding programme, provide grants to schools, facilitate the completion of Good Hope Secondary School, and procure additional textbooks.

The health sector is expected to receive $1 billion for countrywide rehabilitation and upgrade of health facilities.

The Office of the Prime Minister also requires $5 billion for the Gas to Energy Project’s transmission and distribution initiatives. An extra $927 million is requested to support electricity companies in Linden and Lethem. The government commits to absorbing the additional cost of services offered by these electricity companies, aiming to prevent high electricity bills for the Guyanese people.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Agriculture requires over $8 Billion primarily for nationwide drainage and irrigation works, along with extra resources for GUYSUCO for the rehabilitation of lands at Albion, Blairmont, Rose Hall, and Uitvlugt estates.

The Ministry of Home Affairs seeks $400 million to purchase vehicles and boats, enhancing the operational efficiency of the Guyana Police Force. An additional $1 billion is needed for the refurbishment of police stations, quarters, and other facilities and for furnishing and equipment. Finally, the Guyana Defence Force requests $563 million for infrastructure improvements across various bases.


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