President Dr Irfaan Ali has announced that the government’s transformative development agenda has successfully fulfilled the majority of its manifesto pledges. The accomplishments, he claims, are the result of the diligent efforts by his entire team of ministers and advisors, aiming to bring prosperity to every Guyanese home.

Reflecting on his tenure, President Ali highlighted the significant strides made in sectors such as healthcare, education, infrastructure, and technology, stating that these advancements have brought the nation into a state of progress and prosperity that his government takes great pride in.

The President emphasized the progress as a testament to his government’s commitment to its people. Among the many victories celebrated are the expansion of housing, employment creation, bolstered support for vulnerable demographics, and enhanced opportunities for the elderly, women, and children.

“We have revitalised agriculture, put food security front and center, and re-established jobs in the sugar estate sector,” Ali said, expressing pride in his government’s ability to honor and fulfill its manifesto promises.

Adding to the accomplishments, President Ali said the government’s “matrix approach to leadership,” which focuses on people-centric services, has allowed the administration to understand and meet the needs of the people more effectively.

Despite the hurdles posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and severe flooding experienced early in his term, the President noted that the achievements made under such circumstances were “remarkable by any standard.”

President Ali underscored his government’s ambition to reposition Guyana globally as a competitive, sustainable nation upholding respect for the rule of law, democratic principles, and its people. He highlighted the government’s aggressive development strategy that aims to set a new paradigm for the nation, positioning Guyana as a global leader in addressing the world’s most pressing crises – food, energy, and climate.

The President also expressed optimism about Guyana’s future, envisioning the country by 2030 as a sustainable, competitive, and advanced nation where citizens enjoy top-tier healthcare and educational services. “We are laying the groundwork to ensure that by 2030, prosperity will radiate from every home,” he stated.

Furthermore, the government’s strategy has successfully attracted foreign investments in sectors like oil and gas and hospitality, positioning Guyana as an attractive destination for international ventures.

President Ali ended his address by expressing confidence in the transformative power of oil and gas revenue. He sees this as the fuel for the emergence of a new Guyana, promoting the creation of new growth areas, new revenue streams, and new economic opportunities. “We’re talking about a new Guyana that’s emerging, and oil and gas revenue will fuel its ascension,” he concluded.


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