Guyana Deep Water Operations Inc. (GDO), a subsidiary of SBM Offshore, has issued a Request for Information (RFI) tailored to solicit proposals for an Intercultural Training Programme which signals its dedication to ensuring a smooth transition and integration process for its expatriate employees.

In its recently published RFI, the company indicated that it is committed to fostering a supportive work environment with a strong emphasis on cultural inclusion.

The scope of the envisaged Intercultural Training Programme, as outlined in the RFI, encompasses various key components and seeks to address essential areas like cross cultural trainings which must be designed to navigate and comprehend the cultural distinctions between different nations. These insights it said are vital for fostering a deeper understanding of local customs and traditions.

The trainings must also includes cultural events for spouses. This training it said is intended to create opportunities for interaction, enabling spouses to establish connections within the local community.

With workplaces becoming increasingly diverse, GDO also noted that multicultural environment workshops must also be executed as they will provide guidance on thriving in such settings. These workshops it said will equip employees with strategies for effective collaboration and communication in diverse teams.

Intercultural communication forms another crucial aspect of the programme. Given the significance of communication in transcending cultural barriers, GDO stated that these sessions will focus on enhancing intercultural communication skills.

The programmes must also delve into cultural dimensions, exploring the fundamental aspects that shape the values and behaviors of different cultures.

Furthermore, deciphering cultural mentalities was also was identified as a key focus of teh training as it involves not only understanding individual cultural perspectives but also recognising the prevalent cultural mentalities within countries represented within the company.

Addressing the challenge of communication obstacles between different cultures, the program must also tackle the “lost in translation” phenomenon. GDO was keen to note that this aspect of training will equip participants with strategies to navigate language barriers and ensure effective communication.

Suppliers submitting proposals are being encouraged to provide detailed insights into their involvement with the Guyanese community, sustainability initiatives, and contributions to local development.


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