Twenty-four Guyanese individuals have successfully completed the first phase of SBM Offshore Guyana’s Trainee Technician Programme in Advanced Skills Training in Petroleum Operations. This accomplishment marks a significant step forward for these trainees, who are now on their way to becoming internationally-qualified professionals capable of taking on various technical roles on the Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessels situated offshore Guyana.

This recent achievement also represents the second cohort of Guyanese participants who have undergone training through this particular program. The training itself took place at LearnCorp International (LCI), a privately-owned institution affiliated with Cape Breton University in Nova Scotia, Canada. Over the course of the past year, the trainees received both theoretical instruction and hands-on experience in their respective fields, which encompassed disciplines such as Mechanics, Electrical, Instrumentation, and Production.

On August 11, a celebratory ceremony was held in Canada to honor the trainees’ accomplishments. During the ceremony, several trainees, particularly female participants, received awards for their exceptional performances. Arantxa English, for instance, received recognition in the form of the LCI Safety Award by Discipline and the LCI Most Improved Trainee by Discipline, both within the Electrical field. Reflecting on her experience, English expressed her gratitude for the opportunity provided by SBM Offshore, emphasizing the importance of such programs for the younger generation.

Similarly, Shannon Tungcap was awarded the distinction of Best Trainee per Discipline in the Mechanical field. Selma Simon and Preya Singh achieved recognition for their dedication to safety, both receiving the LCI Safety Award by Discipline in the fields of Mechanics and Instrumentation, respectively. Kester Tobin emerged as a standout performer, earning the titles of Best Overall Trainee and the SBM Offshore Operations Manager Award Best Trainee per Discipline in the Electrical field. Tobin highlighted the growth he experienced during the program and encouraged more young individuals to seize similar opportunities.

Addressing the ceremony attendees, Ranieri Soares, Operations Manager of the Liza Unity FPSO, conveyed a message from the company’s Group Human Resource Director, Anne Guerin-Moens. He said, “We are very committed to building local Guyanese as the Local Content Act stipulates. We are very proud to be part of this development of the whole country, and you are now ready to embrace SBM Offshore’s core values, which is Integrity, Care, Entrepreneurship and Ownership.”

Onecia Johnson, SBM Offshore Guyana’s Human Resource Manager, also expressed her pride in the trainees’ accomplishments and welcomed them into the SBM Offshore family. Johnson conveyed the company’s anticipation of the contributions these trainees would make as they continued their journey within the company’s operations.

The Trainee Technician Programme is one facet of SBM Offshore’s initiatives to enhance the capacity of Guyanese individuals in the local oil and gas sector— a commitment that resonates with the company’s dedication to upskilling Guyanese as part of its local content efforts.


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