Two individuals were apprehended after being found in possession of approximately 249 grams of cannabis. The cannabis was intended to be delivered to two inmates within a correctional facility in the country.

The male and female suspects were arrested on separate occasions, one on Monday and the other on Tuesday, by members of the Guyana Police Force and the Guyana Prison Service. They had visited the prison to deliver items to different inmates.

In the first incident, Shannon Chichester arrived at Prison Headquarters around 10:52 AM on Monday. During a search of her bag, which initially appeared to contain Colgate toothpaste, plastic packets containing cannabis leaves, seeds, and stems were discovered. As a result, she was taken into custody. The total weight of the cannabis parcels was 22 grams.

On Tuesday, around 12:50 PM, Eon Jordan underwent a routine search upon arriving at the Prison Headquarters. During the search, authorities found cannabis leaves, seeds, and stems hidden within two pairs of slippers. Subsequently, Jordan was arrested. The total weight of the cannabis parcels found on him was 227 grams. Both suspects are cooperating with the investigation and are expected to be charged soon.

Nicklon Elliot, the Director of Prisons, emphasized that smuggling contraband into a correctional facility is a felony with severe consequences. He urged both prison staff and civilians to recognize the risks they pose to themselves, society, and inmates when participating in contraband trade within the prison walls.


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