Ramps Logistics Limited has joined forces with Flying Ship Technologies Corporation to introduce cutting-edge, unmanned vessels known as “Flying Ships” to the Caribbean and South America. This groundbreaking partnership aims to transform the region’s shipping industry by slashing costs, reducing shipping times, and minimizing carbon footprint.

Ramps Logistics, renowned for its technology-driven approach to push the boundaries of logistics processes aims to capitalize on the geographic proximity of Caribbean and South American nations, streamlining shipping operations for smaller demands. The company in its announcement noted that this strategic move aligns with CARICOM’s objectives to enhance regional trade accessibility.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the upcoming venture, Ramps Logistics’ Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Shaun Rampersad, emphasized the project’s significance in connecting the Caribbean and South America while bridging gaps within CARICOM. He lauded the “Flying Ships” for their impressive capabilities, stating that they are ten times faster than conventional boats and require only a quarter of the cost for maintenance and operation compared to planes.

Further, Ramps said that the adoption of Flying Ship Technologies’ advanced wing-in-ground-effect vessels is a pivotal step towards eco-friendly and efficient shipping solutions. Enhanced with autonomous features, these vessels promise heightened shipment efficiency and reduced human errors. It also noted that as global markets demand faster and more sustainable delivery methods, this partnership underscores a commitment to innovation and leadership in sustainable logistics.

Bill Peterson, CEO of Flying Ship Technologies, praised Ramps Logistics for being at the forefront of adopting their revolutionary capability. He highlighted Ramps Logistics’ vision of creating a high-speed distribution network across CARICOM using the Flying Ships, enabling efficient deliveries to coastal areas.

Born from discussions at the Caribbean Investment Forum (CIF) 2022, this collaboration between Ramps Logistics Limited and Flying Ship Technologies Corporation signifies a new era in log-tech innovation. The partnership’s announcement at CIF 2023 not only reinforced their shared objectives but also offered a glimpse into a future where advanced technology and environmental consciousness converge.

The vessels pioneered by Flying Ship Technologies, operate on electric propulsion and are ten times faster than traditional ships with a fraction of the operating cost of planes. Their ability to navigate coastal areas efficiently makes them a game-changer for logistics in the Caribbean, South America, and other coastal regions.


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