Following the recent legislative approval of the Planning and Development Single Window System Bill, the Ministry of Housing and Water is gearing up to inaugurate a groundbreaking digital system next month. This innovative platform aims to significantly enhance the ease of doing business for both local and international companies.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal, at the opening ceremony of the International Building Exposition on Thursday disclosed that his ministry will be launching the Single Window System in September and operationalize an oversight committee.

“This platform is critical to making the sector more efficient and will contribute greatly to the improvement of doing business,” Minister Croal added.

Last December, the Central Planning and Housing Authority (CH&PA) signed a $202 Million contract with Global Services Inc. for the development and implementation of the Information Technology (IT) platform for the Single Window System.

The digital platform provides a single entry point for submission, processing and approval for all planning and development applications by locals and international investors.

Minister Croal underscored, “These applications and other related documents can be submitted from anywhere in the world once the platform is fully implemented. This intervention will significantly reduce the tedium in a process that is costly, frustrating, inefficient and outdated and will reap tremendous dividends for users.”

On July 20, the Bill was passed in the National Assembly. The law provides for the management and implementation of the planning and development single window system and makes provision for the establishment of the planning oversight committee, among other things.

The agencies that will be part of the single window include: Central Board of Health, the Ministry of Public Works, River and Defence Board, Guyana Lands and Survey Commission, the Environmental Protection Agency, Guyana Fire Service, Guyana Civil Aviation Authority, National Trust of Guyana, Guyana Office for Investment, Land and registry Deeds registry, Guyana Water Incorporated, all Neighbourhood Democratic Councils and the local authorities inclusive of the municipalities among other agencies.


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