At about 10:15 hrs on Monday, an intelligence-led police operation was conducted at a house in Peters Hall, East Bank Demerara, which resulted in the capture of Corwin Estwick, a 29-year-old chef. Estwick was wanted for several robberies that occurred in Region Three. Police ranks also recovered a GR 43 Glock pistol and four 9MM live rounds in the magazine, which he had in his possession.

During the operation, the ranks, from Regional Divisions 3 and 4B, went to an address at Peters Hall, East Bank Demerara, in search of Estwick. On arrival at the location, the ranks observed a two-storey wood and concrete building in a fenced yard. The ranks entered the lower flat and made their way to the upper flat. It was observed that the house has three bedrooms on the northern side and a living area on the southern side. The ranks saw Estwick sitting on a chair in the living area with a black one-strap bag across his chest.

The ranks identified themselves as policemen in plain clothes. One of the ranks then searched Corwin, finding one GR 43 Glock pistol, along with four (4) 9MM live rounds in the magazine, in the black one-strap bag. The rank then asked Corwin Estwick if he was the holder of a firearm license, but he responded ‘no’. He was told of the allegation, cautioned, and arrested.

A further search was carried out in the house and around the yard, but nothing illegal was found. The ranks then escorted Corwin Estwick to Providence Police Station, where the firearm and ammunition were marked and sealed in his presence. He was placed into custody pending further investigation.


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