The Transport and Harbours Department (T&HD) has confirmed the death of a 53-year-old female passenger onboard the Mabaruma to Georgetown vessel, MV MA Malisha.

The passenger’s identity was not disclosed. According to the T&HD, the woman was noticed unresponsive in her seat, prompting action from the crew. Despite initial efforts to detect a pulse, none was found, leading the captain to administer CPR. Subsequently, she regained consciousness and was relocated to a mattress under close crew supervision.

Upon observing her relapse into an unresponsive state, the captain reported the situation to the lighthouse and T&HD management. In response, the T&HD management coordinated with the Guyana Coast Guard to seek assistance.

The Guyana Coast Guard then deployed one of its Metal Shark boats to the vessel, located one mile west of the sea buoy off the Essequibo Coast. At 08:40hrs, the Coast Guard vessel reached the MV Malisha and safely transported the female passenger ashore for further medical attention.

In a separate occurrence on the same voyage, the MV MA Lisha crew also aided an 18-year-old passenger experiencing an asthma attack at 22:40hrs on Tuesday. Lacking her own medication, the crew provided an inhaler from onboard supplies and administered oxygen through a nebulizer, resulting in the teenager’s recovery.

The Guyana Coast Guard additionally facilitated the teenager’s transfer to seek medical attention on shore.

The Ministry says it wishes to clarify that no occurrence of two fatalities on board the MV MA Lisha, nor was there any reported malfunction of the air conditioning unit. The Ministry urges the public to abstain from spreading unverified information. The Ministry also extended gratitude to all those who provided assistance during the two incidents.


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