The Ministry of Health is urging citizens to get tested for diabetes as it continues initiatives to diminish the disease’s prevalence in the nation. In a recent interview on the Health Ministry’s Facebook page, Dr. Nandishaw Ramsingh, the Technical Officer for Diabetes, emphasized the importance of visiting one of the 400 health facilities available across the country for screening. These facilities span health centres, posts, and hospitals. “A single test can quickly determine your blood sugar status,” said Dr. Ramsingh.

This vital screening can identify if an individual has diabetes, gauge its severity, and provide guidance to manage it effectively.

Dr. Ramsingh further highlighted the ministry’s dedication towards enhancing their outreach platform to cater to diabetics and those affected by other non-communicable diseases. “Our one-stop-shop for diabetes offers specialized services, including diabetic foot care. We ensure that patients receive the necessary treatment promptly,” Ramsingh remarked.

The screening initiative isn’t limited to adults. Young adults, teenagers, and even young children can get tested. Complementing this, the ministry has been proactive in conducting educational campaigns in schools, focusing on diabetes causes, prevention, and the importance of healthy eating habits.

Further strengthening the initiative, the deployment of the hemoglobin analyzer machine (HbA1c analyzer) at various health facilities is expected to boost the screening process.

Earlier this week, the ministry rolled out a two-day training session for health workers, introducing them to the new diabetic treatment guidelines. These guidelines, crafted with insights from experts at Mount Sinai, aim to proactively prevent, manage, and reduce diabetes-related complications. (Modified from DPI)


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