HRTM Consulting (Guyana) Inc, a pioneering provider of human capital management solutions and custom software development services and Excel Guyana Inc, a locally owned recruitment and human capital firm have officially announced a strategic partnership aimed at reshaping the landscape of Human Capital Management (HCM) practices and Business Applications in Guyana.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone, uniting HRTM’s innovative HCM solutions and Custom Software Development expertise with Excel’s rich history of consulting excellence spanning three decades.

The central focus of this strategic partnership is to meet the diverse needs of both local and international clients while concurrently nurturing robust economic growth and development within Guyana. Notably, both HRTM and Excel Guyana Inc. hold Local Content Certificates, underscoring their unwavering commitment to the local community and the nation’s development. This partnership places a strong emphasis on prioritizing local employment and human resource development as integral components of Guyana’s capacity building.

At the core of this transformative collaboration, Excel Guyana Inc. is set to deploy HRTM’s HCM solution not only for internal use but also as a service extended to their clients and strategic partners. This comprehensive suite of Human Capital Management Software encompasses various facets, including Recruiting, Onboarding, Workforce Management, Compensation, and Project Accounting. Its potential to revolutionize organizational HR processes, enhance employee experiences, and drive unmatched operational efficiency is poised to make a profound impact.

In return, HRTM Consulting will lend its expertise in Technology and Business Applications to Excel Guyana Inc., providing support to Guyanese companies in effectively managing their operations and businesses. The combined efforts of both organizations are geared towards fostering business growth, technological advancements, and economic prosperity for local companies.

Carlton Bharrat, CEO at HRTM Consulting Inc – Guyana, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with Excel Guyana Inc., an established leader in the region, to revolutionize Human Capital Management and Business Applications in Guyana. Through this collaboration, we aim to empower organizations with our state-of-the-art HCM and other business solutions while contributing to the development of the local business ecosystem.”

Kris Sammy, CEO at Excel Guyana Inc., echoed this enthusiasm, saying, “We have meticulously evaluated numerous international HCM platforms over recent months and are thrilled to have discovered a ‘homegrown’ solution explicitly tailored to Guyana’s taxation codes, complete with all the indispensable features required by local and international companies.”

HRTM Consulting (Guyana) Inc through its affiliation with HRTM Consulting LLC in the US, has access to world-class Software Solutions and Implementation experience.

Meanwhile, Excel Guyana, a rapidly expanding integrated enterprise offers comprehensive solutions to clients and partners alike. The company’s unwavering dedication, driven by its seasoned and dedicated team, is firmly rooted in advancing Guyana’s development. the company said it warmly welcomes foreign partners equipped with vital skills and resources indispensable for the nation’s growth and by fostering strategic partnerships, it is committed to advancing the success of clients, partners, and the communities it serves, both locally and internationally.


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