Italy-based oil and gas services company, SICIM has been awarded a pivotal role in Guyana’s Gas-to-Energy Project, valued at an impressive US$55 million. This endeavor not only marks SICIM’s debut in Guyana but also promises to redefine the nation’s energy landscape.

SICIM, renowned for its expertise in the design, procurement, and construction of plants and infrastructures related to oil, gas, and water treatment, transport, and distribution, has officially commenced operations in Guyana for the Project, which encompasses the construction of vital pipelines and infrastructure, both offshore and on land, aimed at supplying gas from existing offshore developments to an integrated onshore plant. This facility will be responsible for the treatment and fractionation of natural gas, in addition to housing a power plant, ensuring a reliable and cost-effective energy source for Guyanese.

Guido Cagnani, Managing Director and Vice-President of SICIM, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “At SICIM, we are thrilled to support Guyana in achieving this ambitious goal and to bring our extensive experience to these territories for the first time.”

The project primarily revolves around utilizing gas produced by the Liza Destiny and Liza Unity floating production storage and offloading vessels (FPSO) vessels in the Stabroek Block, which will be transported to shore through a carefully designed pipeline system. Collaborating with local partner Gaico, SICIM is tasked with constructing a 25-kilometer-long, 12-inch-diameter pipeline that will connect the offshore gas pipeline’s receiving station to onshore facilities located to the southwest of Georgetown.

One of the notable aspects of this initiative is its commitment to local employment. The project anticipates hiring 150 individuals, with two-thirds of the workforce being local residents and the remaining one-third consisting of expatriate staff. This aligns with Guyana’s 2030 low-carbon development strategy, which seeks to enhance the nation’s overall development while adhering to the Paris Agreement’s goals of limiting global temperature increases to below 2°C.

Leonardo Gravina, General Manager of SICIM, highlighted the project’s significance within the context of Guyana’s sustainable development goals, saying, “These works are part of a broader plan aimed at the full development and well-being of the country while respecting the Paris Agreement.”

According to SICIM, its successful entry into the Guyanese market reflects its commitment to delivering high-impact projects that not only benefit its clients but also contribute to the growth and prosperity of the regions it operates.


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