President Ali made the announcement during his address to residents at the Batavia Heritage Village celebration on Sunday.

President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali

He said the initiative will be done through a collaboration with the village and the Men on Mission (MOM) programme.

“And that is a park that can demonstrate how you can enjoy leisure, how you can enjoy health tourism within the natural framework… so that is something we would love to work with you on,” the president stated.

The president explained that the project originated from a discussion between the president and the village leader about maximising the potential of the designated area that had been prepared for the Heritage Village Day celebration.

Batavia Village, situated along the Cuyuni River, has been chosen as the Heritage Village for the  2023 Amerindian Heritage Month celebrations.

A substantial amount of effort has gone into enhancing the village in anticipation of this activity.

“We have to make better use of the infrastructure that we build at events like these” President Ali underscored.

He added that the tents that were erected for the Heritage Village activity can be relocated to various spots around Georgetown, enabling the hosting of beachside cultural events.

President Ali further stated that these events will demonstrate the rich culture with infrastructure that has been built over many years using old technology that remains relevant and modern today.

The head of state also took the opportunity to mention some of the educational opportunities available to Amerindians and hinterland people.

He stated that the government is providing training for individuals who aspire to enter the teaching and nursing professions in hinterland villages. Additionally, opportunities are also accessible within the Guyana Defence Force and the Guyana Police Force.

President Ali also mentioned the Guyana Online Learning (GOAL) which provide schools for persons in various fields at recognised institutions.

“Ours Amerindian children have access to so many more facilities that you can dream the biggest dream in your own villages and know that you have a government that is there and willing to support that dream,” President Ali emphasised.

The president reaffirmed the government’s commitment to bridging the gap and ensuring that there is a minimum set of standards that all our people can enjoy in an equitable manner. (Article and photos extracted from the Department of Public Information)


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