Dear Editor,

Our President, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali displayed outstanding scholarship in his response to questions recently posed by a journalist on the “Good Morning Britain” television show. The President’s responses should be a proud moment for all Guyanese, and I wish to commend him in this regard.

While this should be a proud celebrated moment by all, as I peruse the newspapers today (September 21st), I am disappointed to see that not a single editorial or writer in the letter pages, picked this up, a worthy commendation for the President.

Too often, white supremacist folks, such as the British journalist whom the President put to his place, accordingly, pronounce on Guyana’s affairs in a derogatory and arrogant manner. Disappointingly, some local media entities give those persons a platform to do so. For example, a few whom I have challenged and exposed their white supremacist attitude towards Guyana are the likes of Tom Sanzillo and Gerard Kreeft from the IEEFA and others.

Congratulations to His Excellency once again for representing Guyana well on multiple international platforms of recent, and a huge commendation in order for his scholastic responses to the arrogant British journalist on the subject of reparations.

Yours respectfully,

Joel Bhagwandin



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