Three persons have died and four others injured during a violent storm about 15:00 hrs yesterday afternoon at Jawalla Backdam, Mazaruni River, in Region Seven.

Sergeant Simon, Detective Constable Robertson and other ranks from Regional Division No. Seven visited the scene last night and based on investigations thus far, it was revealed that there was a heavy downpour of rain with gusting winds during the storm, which saw several trees being uprooted.

At that time, about 10 persons were at a farming camp owned by Olivia Henry when a large tree nearby suddenly fell and crashed down on the camp, resulting in the deaths of: Celeste Albert, 34; Selina Hope, 69; and Godfrena Fredericks, 25 – all farmers.

The four persons injured are: Ramesh Michael, a 23-year-old Amerindian farmer; miner Teddy Richmond, 33; one-year-old Shanvio Hunter; and Lamona Hunter, 30.

The injured persons were taken to Kamarang Hospital while the dead bodies are at the Jawalla Health Post, awaiting arrangements for post-mortem examinations.


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