Nightingale Super Specialty Hospital Inc. (NSSH) has submitted a proposal to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the construction of a US$29M specialized hospital.

NSSH, which was incorporated in March 2021, has a vision to provide high-quality medical services to the people of Guyana. Recognizing the critical need for advanced healthcare facilities in the region, the hospital plans to serve both the citizens and the Government of Guyana as they work towards new levels of development in various sectors.

It said that the hospital will boast a team of highly trained and skilled professionals, including doctors in general and specialized practice, as well as technicians. The ambitious project will accommodate 100 beds and will be located on the East Bank of Demerara.

What sets NSSH apart is its aspiration to become the first hospital in Guyana and the third in the Caribbean to be accredited with the Joint Commission International (JCI) standard. JCI is globally recognized for its rigorous international standards in quality and patient safety. Partnering with JCI, NSSH aims to ensure continuous compliance through reaccreditation, achieve certification for disease-specific specialities, and seek expert advice to enhance quality and patient safety.

In a country with 10 medical districts, NSSH will be located in Region 4, which is known as the epicentre of healthcare in Guyana. It was keen to note that many residents currently travel long distances, up to 7.6 miles, to receive treatment and except for the Georgetown Public Hospital, all hospitals in this region are private. NSSH will become the 8th hospital in Region Four, and its services are unmatched by any other entity in Guyana.

The hospital’s construction is expected to span a period of 9 to 24 months, based on both experience and recent timelines for similar facilities in the Caribbean region. NSSH pinpointed that the timeline highlights its commitment to delivering its state-of-the-art healthcare facility efficiently.

As NSSH takes steps towards bringing world-class healthcare to Guyana, this proposal represents a significant milestone in the nation’s healthcare journey.


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