Prime Minister Mia Mottley of Barbados has emphasized the need for a cohesive Caribbean private sector during her keynote address at the second AfriCaribbean Trade and Investment Forum which opened today at the Guyana Marriott Hotel.

The event revolved around the theme ‘Creating a Shared and Prosperous Future,’ where Mottley urged Caribbean nations to unite as they embark on their developmental journey.

“We don’t train as governments, we facilitate, we regulate, but the ability to have people get to know each other and to come together in partnership, either in joint venture companies or alternatively in trading our goods and services is what we need to be able to expand our economy”, she stated.

She underscored that the Caribbean has traditionally looked towards the North Atlantic for development, but it’s time to shift focus towards the east and west. “It cannot continue and we have said this, but we are know ensuring that those of you who have the ability to want to make that difference can do so with us,” the Prime Minister noted.

Mottley also acknowledged the significance of establishments like Republic Bank’s presence in Guyana, which marks a substantial stride for Caribbean entities. She said it allows people to comprehend the regional ecosystem and landscape better. Furthermore, she expressed hope for the Africa Export-Import Bank to establish a branch in the Caribbean, along with other commercial and investment banks, which could significantly elevate economic activity in the region.

Additionally, Mottley stated that this move would foster confidence among African partners who already have established relationships with Caribbean entities. The emphasis here is on promoting business interactions not just between governments but among parties with existing connections.


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