Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Governance, Gail Teixeira has asserted that President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali’s departure to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is to do more than attend a major climate change event.

“I see some people saying the president shouldn’t be out of the country, but if you see what he’s been doing…to win support, to go and meet leaders, to make people pay attention to Guyana in the next few days, to stand by us and to prevent [Venezuela’s potential reckless acts],” Minister Teixeira stated while participating in a panel discussion at the St Stanislaus College, Friday morning.

Minister Teixeira addressing the public awareness session at St Stanislaus College

President Ali is among a number of world leaders currently attending this year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) in the UAE, where intense consultations are being held on issues relating to climate change.

Sections of society have been critical of the head of state’s move to leave the country as Venezuela appears to be ramping up its preparation for its December 3 referendum on the Essequibo territory.

However, the parliamentary affairs and governance minister pointed out that the government is analysing all possible ways in which the situation can play out.

This is why ensuring bilateral relationships and the garnering of support on this issue is of utmost importance, she underscored.

“There are many ways this can play out …And that’s why our president is all over the world, meeting leaders, dealing with diplomacy [and] support for Guyana so that we are prepared for all eventualities,” Min. Teixeira explained.

The International Court of Justice earlier Friday ruled in Guyana’s favour, ordering that Venezuela refrain from taking any action that would affect Guyana’s control of its Essequibo region, pending the court’s final decision in the border controversy case. (Extracted from the Department of Public Information)


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