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Guyana and Barbados to collaborate on prawn production project

Photo Credit: Steve Costi's Seafood

Agriculture Minister, Zulfikar Mustapha recently revealed that Guyana and Barbados are collaborating on a major prawn production project which is expected to utilize the lessons gained from the initiatives local authorities have led to boost production.

According to a report by the Department of Public Information (DPI), Mustapha said technical officers have already been dispatched to the island as discussions continue.

“They are calling it the ‘brown pond’ in Barbados. They are doing the brackish water shrimp, where they are bringing in salt water to mix it with the freshwater,” Minister Mustapha said.

Locally, Guyana continues to see significant progress with the production of brackish water shrimp. Guyana Standard understands that this is being conducted along the Corentyne Coast continues to yield massive results since its inception.

“Now, we are developing the farm. We have done a number of works for them and we have seen the massive production. I am hoping that, by the end of that project, we might take production from the 10,000 kilogrammes that we started with to about 150,000 kilogrammes,” he said.

Minister Mustapha also noted that works are progressing on a $100 million prawn production project at Onverwagt, Region Five. During a recent inspection of the works, he said it will have 10 ponds.

The official also noted his keen interest in seeing this prawn production project replicated countrywide, underscoring that there are markets available for prawns, locally, regionally, and internationally.


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