The political opposition recently tabled an urgent motion for members of the National Assembly to assist the government in devising a strategic action plan that would effectively combat Venezuela’s measures to annex Essequibo.

This motion is up for consideration at the upcoming sitting scheduled for Monday, December 11, 2023.

Opposition Leader, Aubrey Norton, in the motion submitted to Speaker Manzoor Nadir on December 8, underscored the motion’s significance as a “definite matter of urgent public importance.”

The motion referred to the National Assembly’s prior resolution (No. 66) on November 6, 2023, which affirmed Guyana’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. It also denounced Venezuela’s recent referendum to annex Essequibo as provocative and unlawful, while aligning itself with the government’s pursuit of a peaceful resolution through the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

In light of the International Court of Justice’s recent ruling for Venezuela to refrain from any action altering Guyana’s control over the Essequibo region, the motion calls for several concrete actions.

These include: rejecting the recent referendum and dismissing proposals for dialogue outside the judicial process, encouraging citizens to stay informed and deepening engagements with national stakeholders, establishing a high-level commission to address security concerns, and upgrading the national defence architecture to meet current challenges.

The motion also calls for the deployment of special envoys to explain Guyana’s position globally, as well as measures to counteract Venezuela’s strategy by controlling the influx of migrants into Essequibo.

It also appeals for the Ministry of Home Affairs to ensure proper care for eligible citizens and halt ID issuance to Venezuelans.


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