Dear Editor,

In the wake of the devastating loss of five servicemen from the Guyana Defence Force (GDF), it is imperative that we honor their sacrifice and extend unwavering support to their grieving families.

Now more than ever, this is a time for national solidarity, setting aside political differences, and standing as one in reverence to those who dedicated their lives to our nation’s defence.

It deeply troubles me to witness the reckless and insensitive actions of Khemraj Ramjattan from the Alliance For Change (AFC). At this critical juncture, when unity and respect should prevail, Ramjattan has opted for a deplorable path, spreading baseless accusations and malicious falsehoods via social media platforms like a WhatsApp group, the Guyana Forum.

I will refrain from repeating the post shared by Ramjattan.

Regardless of one’s profession or political stance, ethical conduct and respect for due process should be upheld. Ramjattan’s rush to judgment and his willingness to propagate unsubstantiated claims only serves to further divide our nation during this period of mourning.

His attempt to exploit this tragedy for political gain by concocting a narrative without the facts undermines the integrity of not only his profession as a lawyer but also his commitment to Guyana’s best interests.

In Ramjattan’s misguided attempts to peddle divisive falsehoods, he displays a profound lack of patriotism. His words not only dishonor the memory of those we’ve lost but also erode the fabric of our society by sowing seeds of discord and mistrust.

It is crucial to acknowledge that the cause of the tragic crash must be determined through a thorough investigation, rather than succumbing to the temptation of politicizing a national tragedy.

Jumping to conclusions without the full understanding or evidence can be detrimental, especially when dealing with matters that demand precision and accuracy. A good lawyer, indeed, should comprehend the importance of evidence and the integrity of an investigation before making any statements or judgments.

Blatantly attributing blame without evidence is not only irresponsible but also disrespectful to the memory of our fallen heroes.

At this moment, let us unite as Guyanese, rising above political affiliations, and commit ourselves to supporting the grieving families and honoring the service and sacrifice of our brave servicemen.

Together, let us condemn such reckless behavior and strive for a Guyana where integrity, unity, and respect reign supreme in all aspects of our discourse.

Yours truly,

Alvin Hamilton


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