Local company, KS Shipping Line Inc. has submitted a comprehensive proposal to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) seeking approval for licences and permits for the construction of a state-of-the-art wharf and mooring facility at Friendship, East Bank Demerara (EBD).

In its project summary submitted to the EPA, it is noted that the proposed facility, situated across parcel numbers 326, 327, 623, 624, 625, 626, and 627 of Block XXVIII, Plantation Friendship, includes the construction of a wharf, mooring facility, and the establishment of a revetment. The project aims to facilitate the onloading and offloading of cargo, ship docking for routine maintenance, and potentially serving the growing oil and gas industry.

Highlighting the strategic importance of the project, the company said it sees this as a significant opportunity to contribute to Guyana’s booming oil production and increased maritime traffic. The company’s vessel, MV Atlantic, with a gross tonnage of 2199, will utilize the facility for docking, maintenance, and support services.

To address environmental concerns, KS Shipping said it engaged with the Guyana Forestry Commission, Sea-Defense Board, and Maritime Administration. Site visits were conducted to ensure minimal impact on biodiversity and the Demerara River. The proposal emphasizes that there will be adherence to International Maritime Laws and strict protocols for environmental preservation.

The proposed services for the facility also include small maintenance works, providing a safe berth for ships, and supplying groceries to vessels.

The project’s design encompasses a large-scale development and will also offer services such as steel welding, fabrication, ship maintenance, and transportation, following international maritime standards.

The three-phase project involves pre-construction site development, construction, and the operational phase. Noteworthy is the careful consideration given to environmental impact, including a hydrographic survey and consultation with relevant authorities. The construction phase anticipates employing 10 workers, with a focus on revetment construction to combat erosion.

KS Shipping said it is committed to the project’s longevity, estimating a lifespan of over 100 years during the operational phase. With a meticulous plan and dedication to environmental responsibility, the company envisions contributing significantly to Guyana’s maritime infrastructure and the burgeoning oil and gas industry.


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