Dancehall superstar Popcaan has teamed up with the acclaimed Slingerz Records to release his latest hit, “Always Welcomed.” Featured on his eagerly awaited Best Mood Fixtape Project, this single is a heartfelt tribute to the beauty of Guyanese women.

The track, produced by the Balgobin brothers, Kevin and Troy of Slingerz Records, instantly grabs attention with Popcaan’s engaging opening line, “Guyanese gyal dem a heavyweight.” The song uniquely celebrates Guyanese women, with Popcaan giving special mentions to “hot gyal a Georgetown and hot gyal a Berbice,” highlighting regions in Guyana. Ridwaan Razak’s masterful production complements Popcaan’s distinctive style, making the song a standout in the Best Mood Fixtape Project.

The producers’ finesse combined with Popcaan’s exceptional artistry has birthed a song that not only resonates with listeners musically but also holds cultural importance. “Always Welcomed” is quickly becoming a favorite in dancehall circles, emerging as a powerful anthem for Guyanese women everywhere.

As Popcaan continues to reign over the dancehall genre, his partnership with Slingerz Records on this project marks an important moment in their respective careers. With its compelling mix of rhythm, melody, and lyrical admiration for Guyanese ladies, “Always Welcomed” is set to conquer hearts and playlists, affirming its status as a highlight of the Best Mood Fixtape Project.


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