Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony has announced ambitious plans to enhance medical education by introducing six simulation centres across Guyana. He said these will aid in the practical training needed for medical students.

This revelation came in response to inquiries from Opposition Member of Parliament, Dr. Karen Cummings, as she raised concerns about the proposed increase in nurse training, questioning the student-to-tutor ratio and emphasizing the importance of practical training in a clinical setting. Dr. Karen asked, “The minister would have alluded to… in his budget presentation to have an increase of training of nurses maybe a 1000 strong, but what do you think will be the student to tutor ratio?”

“Because we’re talking here not only training of students but in a clinical setting. If you’re going to have a 1000 you’re going to have to do practicals and you have to be in the wards and so…I mean you can’t have 20 persons around one ward and so forth,” she added.

In response, Dr. Anthony assured that measures are in place to address this, including recruiting part-time staff and involving hospital personnel in the training process.

Furthermore, Dr. Anthony shared a significant development to augment practical skills—the establishment of six simulation centres, set to open in the first quarter of this year. These centres, he said, aim to provide an immersive learning experience for medical students, fostering hands-on training in a controlled environment.

“By the first quarter of this year we should have six simulation centres that will be open, and we will have people there to help them with their practicals,” he assured.

He emphasized that the simulation centers will play a pivotal role in supporting the training of medical professionals, as they offer a realistic environment for students to hone their skills before entering the clinical field. This initiative aligns with the Ministry of Health’s commitment to advancing medical education and ensuring a competent healthcare workforce.


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