Vice President, Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo on Thursday dismissed assertions about the construction of a hotel on Carifesta Avenue by Qatari Assets Group, supposedly encroaching upon “green spaces” within the city. The official said the project is part of the government’s broader vision for urban development, insisting that it does not represent a diminishing of green or recreational spaces.

In fact, Jagdeo highlighted ongoing initiatives to enhance nearly three dozen neglected areas across the city. He said these are slated for transformation into vibrant community spaces.

The official was at the time reaffirming the state’s ownership of lands allocated to the Qatari consortium for a substantial hotel project along Carifesta Avenue.

Jagdeo underscored the strategic significance of the hotel project, envisioning it as a catalyst for economic growth and employment generation. Citing the planned conference center’s scale, which dwarfs that of the Marriott, he stressed the project’s potential to attract high-paying jobs and bolster Guyana’s hospitality sector.

Responding to concerns over potential loss of recreational spaces, Jagdeo assured that the government prioritizes green initiatives and community amenities. He pointed to ongoing efforts to revitalize all 34 city grounds, spanning from Agricola to Cummings Lodge, encompassing upgrades such as landscaping, lighting installation, and infrastructure refurbishments.

Highlighting the symbiotic relationship between development and public amenities, Jagdeo emphasized the imperative of balancing urban expansion with environmental stewardship. Noting previous criticism over the Marriott development, he underscored the government’s commitment to fostering sustainable growth while enhancing quality of life for residents.

In addition, he addressed recent assertions by City Mayor, Alfred Mentore regarding land ownership, noting that the Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission (GLSC) produced historical records refuting any municipal claims to the allocated lands. According to GLSC data, the City Council’s sole holding in the vicinity—a stretch known as Wireless Road—had been leased for commercial use, underscoring the longstanding state jurisdiction over the designated area.

Jagdeo also recently announced tax incentives for hotel development projects, including the Qatari consortium’s venture. During a session at the Guyana Energy Conference and Supply Chain Expo, Jagdeo elucidated the 10-year tax exemption policy, extending to all hotel ventures in Guyana, irrespective of ownership.


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