Days after pilot and businessman, Orlando Charles was cleared of Trafficking in Persons (TIP) charges, the businessman said he is considering all legal options given the impact the case has had on his reputation.

Charles was on May 31, 2023, slapped with 16 counts of TIP charges. The Bartica Magistrate Court on Thursday March 14, 2024, found Charles innocent of all charges leveled against him by the Guyana Police Force (GPF). The court dismissed all charges due to insufficient evidence.

The businessman, via a statement on Tuesday, said he trusted in the judicial system and praised the court for being fair in its decision. He also expressed his gratitude for the timely manner in which the court handed down its decision.

Charles also thanked his lawyer Sanjeev Datadin for doing an excellent job in representing him during the proceedings. The pilot had maintained his innocence and although he is pleased that his lawyer was able to prove this in court, the allegations have brought irreparable harm to both his reputation and business ventures in Guyana and internationally, the statement read.

“It caused him and his family public embarrassment, especially his children who are studying abroad and locally,” said a statement released on behalf of the pilot.

Due to this, the entrepreneur said he is considering all legal options going forward.

Charles has always maintained his innocence; saying that the purported victims were coerced by an organisation to level these accusations against him. Charles issued a statement on May 30, 2023, mere hours after the Guyana Police Force published a bulletin for his arrest. The man said the dispute between himself and several persons, some of whom are accusing him of trafficking, is over wages. He said that he did not bring these individuals to Guyana, nor did he restrict their movements.

He added that the disgruntled persons were discussing their grievances at an establishment when they were approached by members of an organization. He alleged that these representatives suggested to the persons that the pay dispute could be classified as ‘Trafficking’, and they would assist them to get paid.


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