At about 14:05hrs today, 23-year-old prisoner, Anthony Prince, was killed after he was stabbed by fellow inmate, Shamar Davis with a piece of mop stick to his neck.

At the time, they were making jokes about each other’s girlfriend, prison authorities said.

The prisoner was seen by the prison nurse and was subsequently referred to a city hospital for further medical treatment. At about 14:45hrs, Prince died while receiving medical treatment.

The police were informed, and they are currently investigating the matter. Prisoner Davis was placed in a separate cell.
The Officer-in-Charge,, along with the Welfare Officer are currently engaging the other prisoners.

Director of Prisons, Nicklon Elliot, expressed condolences to the family of Anthony Prince and will provide support during this time.

Prince was on remand for three counts of armed robbery, two counts of larceny. Shamar Davis, also 23, is on remand for robbery.


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