Dear Editor,

Mr. Vincent Alexander’s recent attempts to sway public opinion are met with skepticism by Afro-Guyanese groups who have become increasingly aware of the dubious activities within the framework of the International Decade for People of African Descent Assembly – Guyana (IDPADA-G). This includes the alarming allocation of taxpayers’ funds for inflated consultancy contracts benefiting close associates and relatives.

The ongoing discussions at the Permanent Forum on the People of African Descent have shed light on the glaring inadequacies of the IPADA-G organization, which purports to represent the interests of Afro-Guyanese communities. However, it has become evident that Alexander and his cohorts have manipulated the process to serve their own agenda.

The recent decision by the government to provide direct funding to Afro-Guyanese groups marks a welcomed departure from the bureaucratic hurdles and preferential treatment established under Alexander’s leadership.

Everyone should support mechanisms that eliminate the undue influence of paid consultants affiliated with the Alexander clique. It is imperative to question the true motives of figures like Alexander, who often target Afro-Guyanese individuals expressing dissenting views with vile and vicious attacks, including being called ‘houseslaves’. Are they genuinely championing Afro-Guyanese causes, or are they simply advancing their own political interests?

The infiltration of IPAGAD-G by opposition cronies
underscores the organization’s transformation into a political facade, prioritizing financial gain over genuine support for the Afro-Guyanese community.

Speaking from personal experience, I am well acquainted with Mr. Alexander’s history, particularly his pattern of victimizing Afro-Guyanese individuals. His direct actions against me during his tenure as a lecturer at the University of Guyana stand as a constant reminder of his hypocrisy and disregard for the very community he claims to represent.

Yours respectfully,
John Marcus


  1. I ask this: why is the government providing funding for one race? If this was for East Indians, it would have been “racism.”
    One Street (Murray Street??) was named after a black, and non-humans were happy. Attempts to rename another street (Regent Street??) after an East Indian were opposed.


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