The Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) said on Saturday that traces of alcohol were found in a syringe that was discovered stuck in a water bottle that was affixed to a dispenser at the Campbelville Health Centre last Friday.

The security officer there made the discovery at around 02:00hrs in the staff lunchroom.

Upon this discovery, the clinic administration promptly alerted both the GPHC’s administration and the Chief Internal Security Officer.

In response, GPHC’s Chief Internal Security Officer promptly contacted the Guyana Police Force and accompanied police officers to the health centre.

Contrary to the misinformation circulating on social media, at the time of discovery, no staff reported any adverse health effects. However, in adherence to established protocols, all staff members were immediately transported to the Accident & Emergency Department at GPHC for precautionary screening for any potential toxicological concerns.

Following thorough assessments, the GPHC said that the workers were discharged and remain in good health, under continued monitoring.

Samples from the syringe and water dispenser were swiftly sent to an external laboratory for testing. The results revealed traces of alcohol present in the samples.

“The Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation wishes to unequivocally debunk the inaccurate post circulating on social media platforms. We urge individuals to exercise caution and verify all information before sharing potentially misleading content.

The Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation wishes to emphasize that the health and well-being of our staff and patients are of paramount importance and as such take this incident very seriously. We also wish to notify the public that the incident is currently under investigation by both the Guyana Police Force and the internal security team of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation,” the hospital said.

It was Opposition Chief Whip, Christopher Jones who reported via Facebook post, that six nurses attached to the “Kitty Health Centre” were rushed to medical institutions after complaining of feeling well. His post was later edited to read 10 nurses and reflect the true location as the Campbellville Health Centre.


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