The People’s National Congress Reform (PNC) is set to hold its 22nd Biennial Delegates Congress from June 28 to June 30, 2024. This was announced by Opposition Leader, Aubrey Norton at a press conference this morning, where he outlined the plans and aspirations for the congress, which carries the theme, “Forming the next government: Building a just, inclusive and prosperous society for all.”

Norton said the theme underscores the PNC’s commitment to reclaiming governance in the forthcoming general elections and emphasizes its focus on a development strategy centered on the welfare of the people. This year’s congress, he noted, promises to be one of the largest and most significant gatherings in the party’s history, with party delegates and members from all 10 regions attending in person.

“The theme was chosen to reflect the Party’s determination to return to government in the next general elections and to implement its people-centered development strategy,” Norton stated. He also emphasized that the congress would provide a platform to address critical issues such as the nation’s burgeoning oil and gas sector, the standard of living in Guyana, and other vital policy matters that impact the country.

Preparations for the congress are already underway, and Norton expressed enthusiasm about the anticipated turnout and the spirited discussions expected to take place. “The 22nd Biennial Delegates Congress is expected to be one of the largest, most spirited, and most important in the Party’s history. We are looking forward to it,” he said.

Transparency within the party’s congress and elections processes was another focal point of Norton’s address. He reiterated the PNC’s commitment to maintaining and enhancing transparency.

Moreover, Norton took the opportunity to dismiss rumors regarding his involvement in heading the party’s congress committee. He clarified that the PNC’s accreditation committee, not himself, oversees the party’s congress and elections. “Anyone who knows the PNC would know that it is an accreditation committee that overlooks the party’s congress and elections. I am not the head of any such committee,” he asserted.

Norton added that the PNC’s congress comes at a crucial time for the party as it seeks to galvanize support and lay out a clear, compelling vision for Guyana’s future under its leadership. He said the focus on building a just, inclusive, and prosperous society is expected to resonate deeply with the delegates and broader membership, particularly against the backdrop of Guyana’s evolving economic landscape driven by the oil and gas industry.


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