The Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) has collaborated with Long Island New York’s largest health care provider, Northwell Health for 11 successful surgical procedures, which took place over the weekend of May 5-6.

The GPHC has noted that this is the third collaboration with the Surgery Department, however it was an inaugural effort with the Anaesthesia Department, which has resulted in significant advancements in medical procedures and staff training at the GPHC.

The 11 surgical procedures performed included seven inguinal hernia repairs and four complex abdominal wall reconstruction surgeries. These operations were carried out by visiting General Surgeons Dr. Gainosuke Sugiyama and Dr. Sebastian Shterental, whose expertise and skill contributed to the high success rate of the surgeries.

The collaboration was not only a boon for the patients who received top-notch medical care but also an invaluable opportunity for the general surgery and anaesthesia staff at GPHC to gain hands-on training from internationally renowned surgeons and anaesthesiologists. The teaching component of this collaboration was emphasized, aimed at enhancing the skills and building the capacity of the GPHC staff.

Leading the anaesthesia component of the collaboration were Dr. Joseph Marino and Dr. Rutuja Sikachi. They focused on advanced techniques such as nerve blocks to aid in pain control for patients during their immediate recovery period. This specific focus on pain management is expected to improve patient outcomes and comfort, which is a significant step forward for GPHC’s anaesthesia department.

Furthermore, a Continuing Medical Education (CME) session was held on May 5, 2024, to provide theoretical knowledge about the procedures. This was followed by practical sessions conducted on patients undergoing surgeries over the weekend. These sessions were crucial for the GPHC staff, who received first-hand experience and guidance from their Northwell Health counterparts.

All patients involved in this collaborative effort were successfully discharged and are reported to be recovering well. The collaboration has been a resounding success, not only in terms of patient care but also in professional development for the GPHC staff. The general surgery, anaesthesia, and nursing teams at GPHC have all benefited significantly, gaining practical experience and enhancing their medical knowledge.

Dr. Michael Khan, the Chief Executive Officer of GPHC, expressed his gratitude and optimism regarding the collaboration. “This partnership with Northwell Health has been tremendously beneficial for our institution. Our staff has gained invaluable experience and knowledge, which will undoubtedly translate into better patient care,” Dr. Khan stated. “We are looking forward to future collaborations that will continue to elevate the standard of healthcare at GPHC.”

Moreover, this successful partnership has paved the way for further collaborative efforts. One notable development is the opportunity for GPHC anaesthesiologists to participate in Observerships at Northwell Health Hospital. This initiative promises continued professional development and is expected to bring back enhanced skills and knowledge to GPHC, further improving patient care.

Northwell Health has also expressed its satisfaction with the collaboration. Dr. Sugiyama highlighted the mutual benefits of such partnerships. “Working with the GPHC team has been an enriching experience. We are committed to continuing our support and fostering a long-term relationship that benefits both institutions,” he remarked.

The successful completion of these surgical procedures and the effective training sessions underscore the importance of international collaborations in advancing medical practices and improving healthcare outcomes.


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