In an address to residents of Boniska Creek, Region Three today, President Dr. Irfaan Ali unveiled plans for the regional ferry service, poised to connect Guyana with Trinidad and Tobago, as well as Barbados. Emphasizing accessibility and economic integration, President Ali declared Parika as the operational hub for this pivotal maritime venture.

“The regional ferry will operate out of Parika so that we can have all of these productions from all of these islands integrated into the regional market,” stated President Ali, underlining the strategic significance of Parika in fostering seamless connectivity and trade facilitation among the Caribbean nations.

The decision to centralize operations in Parika holds many benefits particularly for the Essequibo Islands, where the streamlined ferry service promises to catalyze export activities, enabling locally produced goods to access regional markets with greater ease.

President Ali further elucidated the broader vision underpinning this initiative, highlighting its pivotal role in advancing regional cooperation and aligning with CARICOM’s 25 by 2025 agenda. With a steadfast commitment to reducing the regional food import bill by 25% by 2025, Guyana is spearheading efforts to transform this vision into tangible outcomes.

Speaking to the assembled residents, President Ali underscored the multifaceted benefits of the regional ferry service, emphasizing its role in facilitating not only the movement of goods but also fostering closer ties among Caribbean nations.

President Ali also provided assurances that essential groundwork is underway, with stakeholders across the three countries diligently working to address logistical requirements and policy frameworks to ensure the smooth commencement of ferry operations.

“We’re hoping that before the end of the month, the full technical assessment and gap analysis will be completed,” he noted, signaling the imminent realization of this transformative project.

Acknowledging the need for infrastructure adjustments at port facilities to accommodate the ferry vessels, President Ali also affirmed the government’s commitment to expediting the necessary preparations to facilitate a seamless transition.


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