SBM Offshore Guyana launched its inaugural Woman of Excellence Award during the recent 25 Influential Women Leaders Award (25IWLA) ceremony. This new accolade, part of a collaboration with Cerulean Inc. and The Nico Consulting Inc., aims to annually honor an influential woman who has made remarkable contributions across various sectors in Guyana.

The inaugural award was presented to Camille Cummings, a veteran educator with over 37 years of experience. Cummings has been a pivotal figure in empowering women in Guyana, especially in Linden, through her foundation, the Ladies on a Mission Group. Her foundation spearheads numerous impactful projects, including monthly breakfasts for senior citizens, support for vulnerable girls, and cancer awareness initiatives.

As part of the Woman of Excellence Award, SBM Offshore Guyana has pledged a financial contribution of GY$600,000 to be donated to a charity of the recipient’s choice. This initiative not only underscores SBM Offshore Guyana’s commitment to supporting the community but also highlights its dedication to furthering the advancement of women in Guyana. Alongside this substantial donation, SBM Offshore Guyana also provided sponsorship support for the 25IWLA event.

Gwenetta Fordyce, SBM Offshore Guyana’s Sustainability and Social Impact Programme Development Officer, emphasized the company’s unwavering support for women. “SBM Offshore Guyana continues to support women in various fields who are passionate, driven, and focused. These women are at the forefront of Guyana’s leadership in their respective fields and have epitomized the diversity and advancement across various industries,” Fordyce stated.

This launch signifies the beginning of a three-year partnership between SBM Offshore Guyana and the 25IWLA organizing body. Co-founders Michelle Nicholas and Lyndell Danzie-Black commended SBM Offshore Guyana for its ongoing commitment to women’s development and praised the establishment of the Woman of Excellence Award.

“We are grateful to SBM Offshore for buying into our vision for the development and empowerment of women. This opportunity to partner with SBM Offshore in our 5th year is timely. We are constantly improving and creating value for the Awardees, and the partnership with SBM Offshore will create avenues for our awardees to continue amplifying their voices and their work. We are optimistic for the future growth of the 25IWLA in this regard,” Danzie-Black remarked.

Nicholas also reflected on the significance of the partnership. “Saturday evening, we celebrated more than just a partnership; we celebrated a shared vision of empowering women leaders who shape Guyana and our world. SBM Offshore Guyana’s three-year partnership with us honors the incredible achievements of our awardees and fuels their future endeavors.

“This partnership will resonate far beyond the gala, echoing the voices of influential women and magnifying their impact in ways we have only dreamed of. Together, we are not just recognizing leaders; we are inspiring generations,” she shared.

The 25 Influential Women Leaders Award, now in its fifth year, honoured women leaders from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors at this year’s ceremony. The theme, “Leaders Lighting the Way Forward,” highlighted the achievements of women like Adasia Vanessa Gilead, Andrea Sophia Crystal King, Dr. Arnelle Sparman-Shelto, and many others.

Nicole D. Theriot, Ambassador of the United States to Guyana, lauded the event’s focus on recognizing women’s achievements beyond business. “It’s so important to take time to recognize the achievements of women outside of business, as far too often their contributions go unnoticed.

“Women like you are working every day to educate, to heal, and to protect the citizens of Guyana, and you are absolutely vital to Guyana’s success,” she stated.

Mark Berman, High Commissioner for Canada, emphasized the critical role of women in Guyana’s transformation. “At this pivotal time in Guyana’s history, where the country is undergoing massive transformation, it is heartening to see women at the heart of the engine propelling the country forward in every industry and space,” Berman noted.

SBM Offshore Guyana’s involvement in the 25IWLA and the launch of the Woman of Excellence Award are part of the company’s broader efforts to support and uplift women. In 2023, SBM Offshore Guyana introduced the Women in Football Development Programme and a Scholarship for Indigenous Women to pursue tertiary education in STEM fields at the University of Guyana.

With these initiatives, SBM Offshore Guyana continues to play a significant role in fostering the advancement of women, ensuring that their contributions and leadership are recognized and celebrated across all sectors in Guyana.


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