Police are investigating a report of an alleged suicide by hanging committed by a 14-year-old student between 15:30hrs and 16:30hrs yesterday (Tuesday) at Leonora Secondary School, West Coast Demerara (WCD).

Enquiries disclosed that the now-deceased teen was a Grade 9 student of Leonora Secondary School and occupied the school dorm.

According to the ‘Dorms Father’, it was reported to him at about 15:30hrs that the teen was missing. As a result, he made checks in and around the school compound, but he was unable to locate or contact the 14-year-old.

Shortly after, at about 16:30 hrs, he went to the Male Dorm where he made checks and later discovered that the washroom was locked from the inside. He further explained that he managed to get the door open, and it was then he observed the teenager hanging from a bed sheet, which was tied to a ventilation block.

The teen was rushed to Leonora Cottage Hospital, where, on arrival, he was pronounced dead.

The body was transported to Ezekiel Funeral Home, where it awaits a Post-Mortem Examination to determine the cause of death.


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