Due to the rapid development and modernisation in Region Three (Essequibo Island-Western Demerara), an estimated 15,000 house lots are expected to be developed in the region by 2025. President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali made the pronouncement on Monday, as he engaged residents of Leonora and surrounding communities at State House, Region Three.

“We will open up the lands in Wales to give you another 20,000 on the West Bank,” the Guyanese leader pledged.

The president recalled that five years ago, Wales was on the verge of total shutdown, as many of its main economic ventures collapsed.

He said the investment landscape in Wales is shifting, with new opportunities emerging across various sectors.

“When we left office, we left a functioning estate at Wales. We left a vibrant market at Wales. When we came back, we found a ghost town. They shut down the estate and the market. They shut down the economy,” the president lamented.

He further emphasised, “While five years ago, Wales was talking about moving out and abandoning the place, today, Wales is talking about a modern power plant, an industrial plant, a manufacturing plant, 20,000 new house lots, a new highway.”

According to the president, the government’s strategic investments had led to the rise of the West Side into a highly competitive economy with economic development.

The head of state highlighted several mega projects, including the Schoonord to Crane highway, the Vreed-en-Hoop Shore Base Inc (VESHI), Guyana’s first artificial island, and the new Demerara River Crossing, as signs of the tremendous strides being made in the region.

“When you drive along the West Side ports, what do you see? Competition with the ports on the East Side, and the Georgetown ports. We have new ports at Wales, La Grange, Vreed en Hoop, [and] Versailles. When you add up the private investments in those ports alone, it is more than US$700 million,” the president pointed out.

Bringing further context to the heavy investments the government is injecting into the region, President Ali said that some $31 billion has been spent on community roads since 2020.

The region’s education sector is also receiving attention, with some $390 million being expended on textbooks for the children, since 2020, while over $6 billion is being spent on new schools.

During the engagement, residents were given the opportunity to raise community concerns directly with the president and government ministers, while several areas were established at the venue to address personal issues.

The president assured that all issues will be followed up on and that the team is ready and committed to resolving them within two weeks, where possible.

Senior Minister in the Office of the President with Responsibility for Finance and Public Service, Dr Ashni Singh, Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha, and Minister within the Ministry of Public Works, Deodat Indar were also present at the engagement. They pledged the government’s undying support for the well being of all Guyanese, and highlighted the stark contrast between the abysmal tenure of the APNU+AFC government, and the transformational leadership of the PPP/C government. (DPI)


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