The Private Sector Commission (PSC) thinks that a “hostile and confrontational political” climate is existing in Guyana and has dared to be the body that initiates the change.

Earlier today, the PSC released a statement to the press saying that it is conscious of the “dangerously deleterious and harmful impact of the increasingly hostile and confrontational political climate between our Parliamentary parties.”

PSC said that this “caustic politic climate is publicly manifested in the everyday headlines of our media, both here and abroad, and can do nothing but serious harm to our country’s international image, economic stability and future wellbeing.”

The Commission said that as a consequence, it has reached out to and invited the Peoples National Congress Reform, Peoples Progressive Party/Civic and the Alliance For Change, in their individual capacities, to meet and discuss “this unfortunate development with the Commission.”

The PSC attached copies of the letters it sent to the three political parties. The letters were written on May, 11.


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