While ExxonMobil boldly listed Ram and McRae as one of the companies that benefitted from its local content efforts during the first quarter of 2018, it appears that this is far from the truth.

According to Chartered Accountant and Attorney-at-Law, Christopher Ram, his company never conducted business with ExxonMobil, its subsidiaries or partners.

Speaking to Guyana Standard tonight, Ram said, “That list of 228 companies published by Government seems to be as creative as ExxonMobil’s accounting. I can state categorically that neither ExxonMobil nor its subsidiaries have been a client of Ram and McRae. Even its partners, Hess and CNOOC/NEXEN, were never a client of Ram and McRae in any shape or form.”

Ram said that this makes him suspicious about each of the other companies listed as beneficiaries of ExxonMobil’s local content works this year.

Ram said that the Government’s release of the list exposes just how reckless the record keeping is at the company.

The Chartered Accountant said he finds it reprehensible that the company chose to include the names of media houses and restaurants as part of its local content efforts. “It is just laughable that they included Bourda Market in the list. What is it? Did they buy a bottle of miracle seasoning at one stall and an air freshener at another for their office? If that is local content then we are in a sickening place.”

The tax analyst said, too, that if the government is so “bold” it should publish the list of 309 companies utilized last year by the oil company as well as the Bridging deed which continues to be concealed from the unsuspecting public. The purpose of the Deed as stated in the ExxonMobil-Guyana contract is to replace the 1999 Agreement and the 1999 Petroleum Prospecting Licence.



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