A total of seven Guyana-operated companies and individual contractors, are currently listed among those that have been sanctioned by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) for fraud and other corrupt activities.

Companies that find themselves on this list, are those that were found to have engaged in fraud, corruption, collusion, coercion, or obstruction in violation of the IDB Group’s anti-corruption policies.

These findings were made through an administrative process that permitted the accused firms and/or individuals to respond to the allegations pursuant to the Sanctions Procedures. Sanctions are meant to prevent and deter fraud and corruption in IDB Group-financed activities.

The IDB website states that the Sanctions Committee “may impose any sanction that it deems to be appropriate under the circumstances, including but not limited to reprimand, conditions on future contracting and debarment.

It further states that debarred firms are declared ineligible to be awarded and participate in any IDB-financed contract during the given periods.

A source at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB), told the Guyana Standard today that despite being sanctioned by the IDB, firms would still vie for projects in Guyana.

The official, who requested anonymity, said that the sanctions only apply for IDB projects. He added that as far as he is concerned, local authorities should make moves to ensure that Guyana has a blacklist. This, he believes, will force contractors to deliver proper works and services.

Atleast two of the companies listed still submit bids to the NPTAB for various government projects, specifically as it relates to the provision of pharmaceutical supplies and building materials.

A table has been compiled below showing the individuals and firms that are currently listed as sanctioned:

Name Entity
of Project
Ron Jaisari Individual/Guyana Guyana Jun/30/2016 Jun/29/2022 Collusive and fraudulent practices
Siddaharta Rai Individual/Guyana Guyana Jun/30/2016 Jun/29/2019 Collusive Practices
Sidrai Radiators Works Firm/Guyana Guyana Jun/30/2016 Jun/29/2019 Collusive Practices
Sidrai Enterprises Firm/Guyana Guyana Jun/30/2016 Jun/29/2024 Collusive Practices
Mr. Abel Khemraj Rai Individual/Guyana Guyana Aug/23/2016 Aug/22/2024 Fraudulent and collusive practices
Vevakanand Dalip Enterprise Firm/Guyana Guyana Dec/29/2017 Dec/28/2030 Fraudulent and Collusive Practices
Vevakanand Dalip Individual/Guyana Guyana Dec/29/2017 Dec/28/2030 Fraudulent and Collusive Practices
Sabrina Mary Williams Individual/Guyana Guyana Dec/29/2017 Dec/28/2030 Fraudulent and Collusive Practices

A table with all the companies that were sanctioned by the IDB globally, can be viewed via this link:  https://www.iadb.org/en/topics/transparency/integrity-at-the-idb-group/sanctioned-firms-and-individuals%2C1293.html.


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