A 61-year-old man lost his life around 19:00 hrs last night after his young brother dealt him several blows to the head for eating his dinner.

The dead man has been identified as Nazir Khan known as “Karie” of Lot 37 Bella Dam, West Bank Demerara (WBD). His 57-year-old brother, Asgar Alli, was arrested and has since confessed to beating his sibling to death.

According to information received, the suspect sent his older brother to pick up his food at a relative’s home.
The Guyana Standard was told that the victim not only collected the food, but he ate it too. When the suspect realized more than an hour had passed and his sibling did not return, he went looking for him.

Khan was eventually found relaxing at a neighbour’s home with the empty bowl next to him. An angry Alli picked up a piece of wood and dealt him several lashes to the head. The victim collapsed and was pronounced dead on arrival at the West Demerara Regional Hospital. His brother was immediately taken into police custody.

Both the deceased and the victim have been described as alcoholics.


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